Little Beaver mechanical earth auger drill

The safe and simple Little Beaver Mechanical Earth Drills are a productive solution for one-man hole digging. The drills feature a 360-rpm operating speed providing faster digging and cleaner holes than competitive units. They’re reliable, powerful and lightweight for applications such as fencing, sign installations and landscaping, making them an ideal unit for rental centers, contractors and parks and recreation departments.

Designed for easy transport and maneuverability. The compact design allows operators to access areas that skid steer-mounted augers can’t reach, and the easy rolling wheeled carriage does not leave marks on the turf. The Mechanical Earth Drills are backed by Little Beaver’s one-year warranty.

Features and Benefits

Extended Life

Little Beaver mechanical earth auger extended equipment life

Extend equipment life with transmissions that feature cooling fins for quick heat dissipation and powder coating for improved strength and durability.

Easy Connections

Little Beaver auger with easy snap button connectors

Save time and effort with a convenient snap button that easily connects and removes augers and extensions without pins or tools.

Enhanced Safety

Little Beaver auger with torque tube for enhanced safety

Minimize dangerous kickback with the steel torque tube, which transfers digging torque from the drill head to the engine carriage.

Reduced Wear

Little Beaver mechanical earth auger reduced wear

Protect the flexible drive cable and the transmission gears and shafts from damage with a centrifugal clutch that slips when the unit encounters a buried object or the auger is overloaded.

Better Ergonomics

Little Beaver mechanical drill with better ergonomics

Enjoy comfortable padded handles that make operation less fatiguing and provide easy access to the throttle control and on/off switch.

Reduced Turf Damage

Little Beaver earth auger drill reduces turf damage

Glide over delicate turf without damage with the semi-pneumatic and pneumatic wheels.


Little Beaver Mechanical earth auger drill

The line features four models, each powered by an overhead valve gasoline engine. The MDL-5B and MDL-5H are available with a Briggs & Stratton or Honda 5.5-horsepower engine mounted on a chassis with 8-inch semi-pneumatic tires. The MDL-8B and MDL-8H offer the choice of an 8-horsepower Briggs & Stratton or Honda engine and come mounted on a chassis with 10-inch pneumatic tires. All engines are backed by three-year manufacturers’ warranties.

Optional Kits and Accessories

Roll Cages

Heavy duty roll cages provide enhanced protection to the engine and can be added to all models.

Sidewalk Auger Kit

Ideal for drilling under sidewalks up to 1.2m wide, the Sidewalk Auger Kit includes a 5m extension with a universal wiggle joint, a 5m auger and a horizontal drill key.

Wet Drilling Kit

The Wet Drilling Kit includes a water swivel and adapter, a water drill bit and horizontal drill key to facilitate horizontal drilling up to 12m feet. This unit is ideal for plumbing, electrical and water line installation projects.

Ricksha Carrier

The specially designed Ricksha Carrier features large, 500mm, semi-pneumatic wheels, a convenient pull handle and transmission cradle for enhanced mobility on rough terrain.


Easily connect the auger to the transmission adaptor with the convenient snap button. We offer a complete line of snap-on augers, and each is available in both 0.9m and 1m lengths with diameters ranging from 38mm to 400mm. Snap-on extensions are available in both full-flighted and tube configurations.

Little Beaver auger bits and auger extensions


Soil Sampling

Little Beaver auger for soil sampling


Little Beaver auger for fencing

Horizontal Boring

Little Beaver auger for horizontal boring


Little Beaver auger for landscaping