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Little Beaver Hydraulic Earth Drill. Man drilling a hole with a hydraulic auger.

Little Beaver Hydraulic Earth Drills combine a higher horsepower engine with the reversibility, reliability and convenience of a hydraulic drive, plus more torque for handling tough jobs in heavy clay and rocky soils.

With their advanced hydraulic power and numerous accessory options, these drills provide an efficient, dependable and powerful solution for all types of jobs. They make projects like soil sampling, sign installation and mobile home/light utility anchoring fast and easy. We also designed them to be compact, highly maneuverable and easy transport from site to site. We back every one of our Hydraulic Earth Drills with an industry-leading, two-year warranty.


Features and Benefits


Little Beaver mechanical earth auger exceptional manouverability

Access hard-to-reach areas that skid steer-mounted augers can’t get to with the unit’s compact design and easy to handle three wheeled chassis.

Simplified Operations

Little Beaver auger with simplified operations

Enjoy comfortable one-touch control for both forward and reverse operation with the ergonomically designed one or two man handles.

Enhanced Safety

Little Beaver auger with torque tube for enhanced safety

Avoid dangerous kickback with the steel torque tube, which transfers digging torque from the drill head to the engine carriage during normal operation and when the auger encounters an obstruction.


Powerful Drilling

Little Beaver mechanical earth auger powerful drilling

Power through the toughest materials with a high horsepower-hydraulic drive combination that consistently delivers more torque.

Decreased Damage

Little Beaver mechanical drill decreases damage

Glide over delicate turf without damage with pneumatic tube tires.

Remarkable Versatility

Little Beaver earth auger drill remarkable versatility

Get higher torque, better speed control and less vibration with a range of auger sizes. These drills can handle augers up to 400mm in diameter and can drill to depths of 10.6m with augers that are 305mm or less in diameter.


Hydraulic Power Source

Little Beaver earth auger hydraulic power source

Broaden your capabilities with our general-purpose hydraulic power source. It’s a versatile, stable and easy-to-use alternative for Little Beaver drills and a broad range of hydraulic tools, including concrete saws, breakers, tampers and chain saws. It features an attaching point for the torque tube, an oil cooler with a 250mm fan and a 18 litre tank for dependable, all-day operation. You can secure the Power Source in the back of a truck or mount it on optional two- or three-wheeled carriages for greater in-the-field portability and maneuverability.



Little Beaver handles feature a self-centering control valve for quick return to neutral when released. They’re available in one- and two-man models.

Little Beaver auger drill one man handle

One Man

The one-man handle is perfect for ordinary drilling. It’s 150-rpm motor generates 300Nm of torque to drive augers that are up to 230mm in diameter. For faster speeds, an optional 220-rpm motor is available.

Little Beaver auger drill two man handle

Two Man

With its standard 150-rpm motor, you’ll be able to drill holes 250mm to 400mm in diameter and go to greater depths with our two-man handle. A 150-rpm motor is standard, but you can get a 125-rpm motor for faster drilling speeds.


Tip and Blade Options

Standard Auger Blades

Little Beaver standard auger drill head
  • Soft Clay, Sand
  • 38mm to 400mm Diameters
  • Reversible for Added Value

Carbide Auger Blades

Little Beaver carbide auger drill head
  • Asphalt, Hard Clay, Frozen Ground
  • 38mm to 400mm Diameters
  • Replace both Standard Points and Cutting Blades

Heavy Duty Auger Blades

Little Beaver heavy duty auger drill head
  • Rocky Soils, Gravel
  • 38mm to 400mm Diameters
  • Operate Most Efficiently at Low RPMs

Kits and Accessories

Telescoping Torque Tube Kit

Little Beaver Auger Drill torque tube kit

Keep the power source on the vehicle while drilling holes with the two-man handle. The Telescoping Torque Tube Kit makes Little Beaver Hydraulic Drills perfect for work along highways. You can attach it to any equipment with auxiliary hydraulic connections to extend your reach. The bumper-mounted swivel bracket and telescoping torque tube provide 180-degree maneuverability up to 3.35m from the rear bumper.


Little Beaver Auger Drill tripod kit

Gain more control over drilling with our Tripod Kit. It works with either one- or two-man handles, comes with a hand winch and allows for easy 100mm auger removal to depths of 10.6m. With short set-up and takedown times, it makes Little Beaver Hydraulic Drills ideal for a range of projects from soil sampling to geophysical work.



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