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Little Beaver Earth Drills & Augers offer a complete range of One-Man earth drills, augers and mini-trenchers. Equipment that is lightweight, powerful, and reliable allow for increased productivity and ease of use without sacraficing quality.

Little Beaver products are ideal for Rental Store owners, fencing contractors, and other professionals who require equipment that is safe, and simple to operate.

Anchoring Rope and Rigging Pty Ltd are the exclusive distributors for Little Beaver range of products, servicing the Australian and New Zealand markets.


For more information on the range of Little Beaver products:

Little Beaver Products

Mechanical Earth Drills

The safe and simple Little Beaver Mechanical Earth Drills are a productive solution for one-man hole digging.
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Hydraulic Earth Drills

Little Beaver Hydraulic Earth Drills combine a higher horsepower engine with the reversibility, reliability and convenience of a hydraulic drive.
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Big Beaver Drill Rig

The Big Beaver is a precision drilling tool that packs powerful drilling capabilities in a compact, highly maneuverable design.
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Kwik Trench Mini Trencher

The Kwik-Trench is an easy-to-use mini-trencher that delivers speed like no other, making it a durable and reliable choice.
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