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Big Beaver Drill Rig. Man drilling a hole with extendable augers with the Big Beaver Drill Rig.

The Big Beaver is a precision drilling tool that packs powerful drilling capabilities in a compact, highly maneuverable design. It can go where some units simply can’t, and one man can move and operate it efficiently and safely. It’s the ideal solution for soil sampling, foundation repair, geotechnical and drilling environmental test wells.

The Big Beaver is mounted on a welded mechanical steel frame for maximum strength and durability. With its hydraulic power source and 1100kg of lifting capacity, it’s the most powerful drill we make. We designed it for quick and easy change outs of sampling tools and augers that can drill holes up to 400mm in diameter, as well as extensions that can drill to depths of 30m. And, like all Little Beaver one-man earth drills, it features the patented torque tube that absorbs dangerous kickback to protect operators.

Big Beaver drills come in standard and extra length models. The standard model handles augers up to 1.2m long, and the operator can use augers up to 1.5m long with the Big Beaver XL. Whichever one you choose, both are backed by an industry-leading, two-year warranty.


Features and Benefits

Enhanced Safety

The Big Beaver Drill Rig torque tube provides enhanced safety

Minimize dangerous kickback with the steel torque tube, which transfers digging torque from the drill head to the engine carriage rather than to the operator.

Exceptional Portability

The Big Beaver Drill Rig has exceptional portability

Move the Big Beaver with ease. Its smooth-riding pneumatic wheels make it simple for one person to move the equipment from project to project.


Added Convenience

Big Beaver Drill Rig added convenience

Add auger extensions or soil sampling tools quickly and efficiently with the swing-away drive head.

Flexible Positioning

Flexible positioning with the Big Beaver Drill Rig

Align the drill’s mast to any position up to 15 degrees from vertical with the simple crank mechanism.


Compact Design

Big Beaver Drill Rig features compact design

Work in areas where mounted drills can’t fit. With the 0.6m by 2m design, the Big Beaver fits through gates and doorways safely and easily and operates under eaves or inside structures without causing damage.


Hydraulic Power Source

Big Beaver Drill Rig hydraulic power pack

The power behind our earth drills is our general-purpose hydraulic power source. It features an attaching point for the torque tube, an oil cooler with a 250mm fan and a 18 litre tank for dependable, all-day operation. You can secure the power source in the back of a truck or mount it on optional three- or four-wheeled carriages for greater in-the-field portability and maneuverability. It’s a versatile, stable and easy-to-use alternative for Little Beaver drills and a broad range of hydraulic tools, including concrete saws, breakers, tampers and chain saws.


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