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Kwik Trench Mini Trencher. Cutting a trench into the ground for irrigation with a mini trencher.

The Kwik-Trench is an easy-to-use mini-trencher that delivers speed like no other, making it a durable and reliable choice for rental stores, contractors, golf course superintendents and anyone else who needs to do shallow trenching or tree root cutting.

The machine handles just about anything, from asphalt (50mm) to road fill, compacted clay to roots 250mm in diameter. When trenching, the high speed rotation reduces digging and backfill time by cutting clean narrow trenches to depths of a maximum of 200mm to 300mm, depositing soil on one side. It’s available in two 1m-tall models: the KT200B is just 0.8m by 1.5m, and the KT2400B is 0.95m by 1.8m.

With its compact size and push-forward operation, operators can maneuver the Kwik-Trench into areas full-size trenchers simply can’t reach. It’s ideal for shallow installations of sprinkler systems, low-voltage wiring, plumbing and drainage lines, as well as projects like root pruning, silt fencing and landscape edging.


Features and Benefits

Faster Trenching

Kwik-Trench offers faster trenching

Quickly create neat, clean trenches with blade speeds up to 800 rpms and cutting speeds of up to 9m per minute.

Easy Backfilling

Easy backfilling of the trench with the Little Beaver Kwik Trench

Backfill easily with soil neatly deposited on one side of the trench.


Less turf Damage

Pneumatic tires result in less turf damage

Glide over delicate turf with pneumatic tires that eliminate damage caused by tracked machines or skid-steer type trenchers.

Exceptional Power

Exceptional Power with Honda Engines

The KT 200B features a Honda GX160 overhead valve engine (OHV) with 5.5 hp. The larger KT 2400B offers an 8 hp Honda GX240 OHV engine.


Adjustable Widths & Depths

The Kwik Trench has adjustable width and depth

Change blades to cut trenches from 25mm to 100mm wide, and use the manual crank to control depths to a maximum of 200mm to 300mm.

Enhanced Safety

Kwik Trench earth saw has enhanced safety features

Prevent injury with the protective shroud that houses rotating components and a side shield that keeps flying debris contained.


Reduced Wear

The Kwik Trench clutch prevents damage

Prevent damage and excessive wear to the engine, drive train and teeth with the built-in slip clutch.

Greater Durability

Kwik Trench earth saw carbide tips provide greater durability

Enjoy long-lasting durability with cutter wheels that feature heat-treated, hardened steel teeth with carbide tips. Available with 12.5mm shank (SBP) or 19.05mm shank (rock teeth).



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