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Screw Anchor Head

Anchoring Rope and Rigging'sHulk Screw Anchor System offers a versatile and cost effective power driven screw anchor for applications through Class 2 soils and to 160kn holding strength. These anchors can be installed to a depth of 4m with either a boom suspended torque motor line truck or rack type digger truck.

A complete Hulk Screw Anchor Assembly consists of a helix-hub assembly, anchor rod, and eye nut. The helix size (diameter) is selected for the required holding strength.
The rod is selected for the guy load and installed depth and eye nut is selected for the number of guys. The torque required to install the anchor will determine the anchor hub rating.

The nominal sizes for of the anchor rods are 16mm, 20mm and 24mm for 72kn, 102kn and 160kn ultimate tension respectively. Anchor rod lengths are 1.1m and 2.1m. The ends of the 20mm diameter rod are upset and have the same thread as the 24mm rod. A typical installation is with one 2.1m length of rod.

Eye nuts are designated with an “S”, “D” or “T” for attaching one, two, or three guys, respectively.


Screw Anchor Drive HubGround Screw Anchor

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Standard Heavy Duty Internal Drive Anchors (Socket Type)


  • 200mm x 90mm pitch
  • 250mm x 90mm pitch
  • 350mm x 90mm pitch

Our 90mm pitch heavy duty screw anchors designs are rated for 10,000 ft.lbs (14 KNm) torque and the thread is rated at 144KN in keeping with the rating for M24 thimble eye nuts. However, our threads usually take well over 200KN.

Special Purpose Light Duty Internal Drive Anchors (Socket Type)

These have 16mm threads and they have not been rated.


  • 200mm x 70mm pitch
  • 250mm x 70mm pitch


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