Recent Projects

Client: Wandin Valley Farms
Head Contractor: Netpro Pty Ltd
Sub-Contractor: Anchoring Rope and Rigging Pty ltd
Location: Boweya Region, Victoria

The Brief: To provide tested anchor points to resist the tensile loads generated by shade canopies protecting the cherry trees.

The project was completed in two phases over a two month period with AR+R field personnel working closely, together with Netpro stringing crews. Site challenges included installing HULK percussion anchors into diverse soil conditions and achieving load in shallow soil beds. Other challenges included working around productive trees that were often in the way without damaging them. The design load of 60kn that had to be achieved by the HULK percussion anchors was attained in the varied conditions. This project highlights the reliability with which Hulk anchors can be installed, in almost any soil condition. The anchors were installed using an excavator with a mounted breaker and testing was done with the PT150 load tester.


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