Recent Projects

Client: William Clarke College
Head Contractor: Ausco Pty Ltd
Sub-Contractor: Anchoring Rope and Rigging Pty ltd
Location: 1 Morris Grove, Kellyville NSW 2155
Project Name: Tie Downs for Demountable buildings

The Brief: William Clarke College an Anglican co-educational school founded in 1988, recently installed twelve demountable class rooms on the main school field.

As a duty of care, it was decided that the temporary buildings required securing. HULK cyclone tie downs where chosen as the ground anchor of choice. Forty-eight 20kN Hulk percussion anchors were installed in a morning, proof tested, tensioned and terminated to the underside of the class rooms at engineered intervals.
All engineering complies with AS 1170 the loading code. Hulk crews operate internationally installing cyclone tie downs for a wide variety of clientele including mining companies, project managers, asset managers and humanitarian organisations.
Hulk earth anchors are the ideal solution for anchoring any structure for protection against cyclones. The engineered performance of Hulk earth anchors surpasses that of any other method including friction piles and driven piles. Hulk is not affected by the weather. Come rain, wind, hail and snow the mulelike stubbornness of HULK will never let you down.


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