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Project Overview: Tie Down Earth Anchors for Demountable Buildings at William Clarke College

Client: William Clarke College

Head Contractor: Ausco Pty Ltd

Sub-Contractor: Anchoring Rope and Rigging Pty Ltd

Location: 1 Morris Grove, Kellyville NSW 2155

The Brief

William Clarke College, an esteemed Anglican co-educational school founded in 1988, recently expanded its facilities by installing twelve demountable classrooms on the main school field. Ensuring the safety and stability of these temporary structures was a top priority.

The Solution

To secure the newly provided demountable building classrooms, it was decided that HULK tie down Earth Anchors would be the optimal choice for ground anchors. Anchoring Rope and Rigging Pty Ltd, a leading expert in earth anchoring solutions, took on the task of installing forty-eight 20kN Hulk percussion earth anchors. These ground anchors were installed, proof tested, tensioned, and terminated to the underside of the classrooms at precisely engineered intervals—all in just one morning.

Compliance and Reliability

All engineering work adhered to the stringent AS 1170 loading code, ensuring maximum safety and compliance. Hulk crews, known for their international operations, have a track record of installing cyclone tie downs for a diverse range of clients, including mining companies, project managers, asset managers, and humanitarian organizations.

Why HULK Earth Anchors?

HULK earth anchors are renowned for their exceptional performance in securing structures against cyclonic conditions. Unlike other methods such as friction piles and driven piles, HULK Earth Anchors offer superior engineered performance and reliability. Their resilience is unaffected by weather conditions—whether it’s rain, wind, hail, or snow, the steadfast strength of HULK anchors remains unwavering.

Global Trust and Applications

HULK Earth Anchors are trusted worldwide for their robust anchoring capabilities and superior holding capacity. They provide an ideal solution for any structure requiring protection against extreme weather. The reliability and performance of HULK anchors have made them a preferred choice for various industries, ensuring that structures remain secure under the most challenging conditions.


With this project, William Clarke College can rest assured that their new classrooms are safely anchored, reflecting a commitment to student safety and structural integrity. The success of this installation underscores the expertise and reliability of Anchoring Rope and Rigging Pty Ltd and the unparalleled performance of HULK Earth Anchor cyclone tie downs.



Hulk Earth Anchors offer a cost-effective and high-quality solution for securely anchoring a variety of structures, including portable buildings, modular buildings, site offices, portable offices, office site sheds, and transportable buildings. For more information on how Hulk Earth Anchors can be used on your next project, contact us or fill in the form below.


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