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Earth Anchors used to strengthen a failing platform wall at Redfern Station


To supply and install 23 off HULK Percussion anchors to a depth of 5m as part of the strengthening of Platform six at Redfern Station NSW.






Platform Six was built in 1891 and has for many years displayed signs of deterioration displaying bulging walls and cracks, in the deck and side walls of the platform. Railcorp and AR+R staff worked together in providing a permanent anchoring and strengthening solution to stabilise the platform wall. The platform was tied back with 23 Hulk percussion anchors installed at a 30°slope and at 1.5m centres, to provide stability to the existing platform wall.

The remedial works was carried out during a 28-hour working window. During this 105mm diameter holes were cored and drilled into the existing brick platform side wall to facilitate the installation of the Hulk anchors. The anchors with 5m tendons were set and proof tested to 13kN and locked off at 8kN.



The Hulk Earth Anchoring System was chosen as the preferred solution to stabilise the platform wall and provided ‘Buildability’ & Ease of Installation in order to meet the tight construction schedule.








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