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Angel Beach Fiji. Pontoon anchored into the seabed with Hulk Earth Anchors.

Proud Australian company, ISO Certified Anchoring Rope & Rigging (AR&R), who supply HULK Earth Anchors, brings a wealth of experience to some of the world’s critical industrial projects.

Each opportunity presents a major challenge, which is where the expertise and solid performance of HULK Earth Anchors comes into play. These anchors have the ability to secure a railway platform or add a foundation to a floating pontoon, which must be stable enough to land a chopper, plus so much more.



Mission (Almost ) Impossible At A Luxe Resort


Angel Beach Fiji. Pontoon anchored into the seabed with Hulk Earth Anchors.

In Fiji, the Seagrass Hospitality Group, contracted `AR&R’ to provide a turnkey project for the installation of a 47m long pontoon at Angel Beach at the luxurious Yasawa Island resort.

According to CEO, Rob Stockl there were several Mission Impossible style challenges here:

“The pontoon had to be usable at low tide,” he explains. “ It had to be strong enough to moor a fleet of pleasure boats and stable enough to land a three ton helicopter. The anchors also had to be installed without any significant damage to the living coral bed,” he says .

The AR&R solution involved installing 12 sets of HULK Anchors at equal spaces along with elastomeric tenders to hold everything in place.

“Works were articulate with no hidden surprises and AR&R completed the project two days ahead of schedule,” says Mr Stockl, adding that the “HULK Earth Anchor system was the winner of the day, making even the most complex project seem simple.”

As for that coral bed, it continues to delight the resort’s guests with its vivid colours. (So really, there was no need to call in a Mission Impossible style team at all).

A Heritage Dating Back To 1918

All this expertise began in South Africa where Rob Stockl was born. He grew up with a technical pedigree in the field of Steel Wire Ropes, Rigging Services and Rigging Services. This is hardly surprising since his family’s Ropery business dates back to 1918.

On moving to Sydney, Australia, Rob Stockl founded AR&R 14 years ago. He then launched HULK Percussion Anchors a decade ago, after becoming frustrated by the lack of locally made percussion anchors and noting there was almost zero technical support in the field of percussion anchoring, which he felt was not doing the technology justice.

The Very Best Is Made With The Best

With his knowledge of percussion anchoring, Mr Stockl set about creating a fit for purpose anchor that was better on all levels than anything that had previously been created. Built with the very best raw materials that Australia has to offer, along with modern engineering, a supportive team and extraordinary suppliers, the HULK earth anchor was born to be Simpler, Sleeker, Tougher, Faster, Stronger & 100% Driven.

Most importantly HULK Earth Anchors are backed 100% locally by an Australian manufacturer and the company is not an importer or distributor. It’s now a world leader in percussion earth anchoring and size for size, is 60% stronger than other drive anchors, allowing higher holding capacities in suitable ground conditions.

HULK Earth Anchors are built to the following Australian standards: AS1831, AS4680, AS1666, and AS2076. It’s the unique HULK Armour coating, which gives the anchors, three times the corrosive resistance over competing products’ traditional hot dip galvanising methods.

HULK Hard Armour incorporates a case around the anchor, which is extremely hard, offering further protection from scratches and damage through the anchor installation process.

Attention To Detail Makes HULK Earth Anchors Unbeatable

The chisel shaped nose of the anchor, offers superior strength and is the ideal proportion for anchor installations, while the hex body of the anchor, allows for a smaller profile when driving the anchor into the ground. This facilitates a smoother and more rapid installation process than other earth anchors.

The angled surfaces of the HULK allows for improved bearing capacity, while larger frustum cones enhance general holding performance. Other features include a widened scoop on the tail of the anchor, which rotates the anchor into a load bearing position more reliably and over shorter distances. This allows for reduced anchor driving depths and quicker installation and proof testing times.


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