AR+R manufactures a wide assortment of Staples and Pins under the brand HULK to secure anything from geotextiles and rolled erosion control products to weed mats and artificial turfs. With varying materials, applications and site conditions, it is important to have the correct fixing. You can always count on AR+R to have the correct anchoring system for your project.

Hulk Staples are ideal for fixing artificial grass, geotextile membranes or weed control fabrics. Sold in a variety of pack sizes our pins are the ideal staple for your agricultural, landscaping and erosion control projects.

Sod Staples

Hulk Staples are used for fixing:

  • Geotextiles
  • Weed control fabric
  • Grass mesh
  • Erosion control mats
  • Irrigation tubing

Hulk Staples are our most economical securing system. The 100mm and 150mm sizes are suitable for most Erosion Control Blankets (ECB). Turf reinforcement mats (TRM) generally require the 200mm or 250mm sizes.

CodeDescriptionPackagingWeight / Box
HLKSTP410310 4mm dia 100mm x 30mm x 100mm Wire Staples 500/box 11.5kg
HLKSTP415315 4mm dia 150mm x 30mm x 150mm Wire Staples 300/box 9.90kg
HLKSTP420320 4mm dia 200mm x 30mm x 200mm Wire Staples 250/box 10.75kg
HLKSTP430530 4mm dia 300mm x 50mm x 300mm Wire Staples 150/box 14.5kg

Other sizes available on request.

Geotextile Fabric Pins

Hulk Fabric Pins are very handy to hold geotextiles in place during installations. They can also be used to secure TRMs in some soft, loose soils. Made of steel they drive easily into most soils. A washer or circular ring prevents the material from pulling through. Available in 300mm and 450mm.

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