Anchor Rods and Accessories

Anchoring Rope and Riggings' anchor rods are manufactured according to international specifications and are made from graded mild steel. Galvanised to Australian specifications, they are offset on each end with a Hex for easy assembly and during installation re-tensioning.


  • Used with socket drive screw anchors
  • Used with Hulk Earth Anchor systems
Screw Anchor Rods
16mm Screw Anchor Rod - 72kn Ultimate tensile strength
HLKGAR-16E 1000mm 1.6kg
HLKGAR-16 2100mm 3.3kg
20mm Screw Anchor Rod - 102kn Ultimate tensile strength
HLKGAR-20E 1100mm 2.27kg
HLKGAR-20 2100mm 4.22kg
24mm Screw Anchor Rod - 160Kn ultimate tensile strength
HLKGAR-24E 1100mm 4.36kg
HLKGAR-24 2100mm 7kg

Anchor Rod Eye Nuts
16mm Thimble Groove Eye Nut – 72kn Ultimate tensile strength
HLKTGEN-16S Single groove 0.45kg
HLKTGEN-16D Double Groove 0.81kg
HLKTGEN-16T Triple groove 1.0kg
20mm and 24mm Thimble Groove Eye Nut – 160kn Ultimate tensile strength
HLKTGEN-24S Single groove 0.86kg
HLKTGEN-24D Double Groove 0.81kg
HLKTGEN-24T Triple groove 1.0kg

Anchor Rod Coupling
Couplers – Used to Join additional Rods when required
For 16mm Diameter Rod- 72Kn Ultimate tensile strength
HLKGARC-16 0.22kg
For 20mm and 24mm Diameter Rod- 160kn Ultimate tensile strength
HLKGARC-20 0.22kg
HLKGARC-24 0.22kg