Corrosion in ground support components has always been an ongoing area for industry concern. Given the down side of soil and structure failures because of corrosion, as well as the hidden cost of longer term rehabilitation work, we are constantly asked about this topic.

In response to his very real issue Hulk is equipped with the latest technology to enhance its protection against in ground corrosion. Peace of mind is provided with a coating technology called Thermal diffusion Galvanising (TDG). TDG provides several solutions to specific problems that Hot dip galvanising is unable to address.

The process involves the vapor diffusion of heated zinc rich powders and other metal mixes into the surface structure of the Hulk anchor and its components. The zinc atoms vaporise on the anchor surface and slowly diffuse into the base material of the anchor providing layers of protection, each more corrosion resistant than the next. The entire process allows us to reliably control the thickness and evenness of our coatings, which for Hulk is a minimum of 80 micron. It also ensures that the surface hardness of HULK anchor heads is about 58 Rc which is very good for breaking up floaters during installation.

TDG has the following advantages and benefits:

The coating thickness is consistency which allows us to galvanise our threads

Moderate deformation of our components will not reduce the cathodic protection offered by TDG

TDG increases the surface hardness of our HULKs making them extremely tough and abrasion resistant.

TDG has great anti galling properties.

TDG provides HULK with anti-sparking properties making them ideal for use in industries were sparking is a safety concern.

TDG is compatible with Hot dip galvanised components and will not cause bimetallic corrosion.

TDG does not cause Hydrogen embrittlement in our high tensile componentry

TDG has great adhesion properties for additional anti corrosive coatings.

TDG is non-toxic and heavy metal free -RoHS compliant

Much historic data and research has been accumulated over the years and this is invaluable in evaluating the potential for corrosion for various types of buried steel structures. While there are no easy answers when it comes to in ground corrosion , the German Gas and Water Works Engineers Association has developed a standard soil corrosivity assessment technique which rates the various factors that influence corrosion of steel in the ground detrimentally or beneficially. The sum of these factors gives an approximate corrosion rating.

soil corrosion assessment

As a result of TDG industry professionals can consider HULK for 100 year life span in non-aggressive soils.

For more in depth information please contact AR+R directly.