Hulk Earth Anchors are the revolutionary new drive anchor technology by Anchoring Rope and Rigging.

Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, Hulk Earth Anchors are the result of years of anchoring experience designed to install quicker, and easier, while at the same time providing increased strength and load capabilities.

For more information on the range and benefits of Hulk Earth Anchors visit our product page:

Hulk Earth Anchors

Hulk Earth Anchors have a wide range of applications for anchoring the following:

  • Portable buildings, dongas, site offices, containers
  • Masts, weather stations
  • Agricultural trellises, shade nets and irrigation systems
  • Advertising banners, blimps and inflatables
  • Tree guy and root ball systems
  • Erosion control and embankment stabilisation
  • Anti-theft applications
  • Tie backs for retaining walls
  • Buoyancy control for pipelines and water tanks
  • Foundations for many different applications
  • Guyed towers
  • Commercial shade structures
  • Wind generators
  • Structural stabilisation of tensile structures
  • Structural stabilisation of scaffolds
  • Repairs of heritage buildings
  • Positive air structures
  • And many more...